The Magus 1


Magic in this world

My rolls:

  1. Magic corrupts anyone who uses it.

  2. Magic is incredibly rare; anyone capable of casting spells is feared and revered.

  3. There are many established wizarding families, with lineages dating centuries.

My talent

My roll:

  1. You stumbled upon a dying sorceress, and with her final breath she bequeathed her magic to you.

Story so far

I thought I had been caught in a bear trap. It did not felt like spikes jabbing into my left leg, but the grip was frighteningly firm, and I fell over nonetheless.

Rustling in the dead leaves with panic sweating down my nose and forehead, I was oblivious to a terrible wheezing, which my mysterious captor was the source. The “bear trap” turned out to be an arm… And the owner a wide-eyed, pale woman with cheekbones and skin for a face, and nothing else in between. Her dark brown hair moist and messy from soaking in the deep forest dew and jungle compost. She must have mustered all her remaining strength to grab my attention, literally.

“Please… please help…” A coarse, choking voice came out of her mouth that I would have branded as inhuman, if I wasn’t witnessing her speak. She coughed up something black and blood-like, before continuing on: “Help me… carry on my… my work…”

“Ma’am! Please, I don’t know who you are or what you’re talking about! Do you need medical aid? Should I carry you to a physician?”

“I am the sorceress of House Vidae… The last of us. Please… let me live on in you.”

“Ms Vidae I really should take you to a physi…” Before I could finish, a flooding force of wind blew directly into my mouse, my nose, my ears, eyes, everywhere in my body that could feel air, were being forcefully stuffed with this unnatural tornado invading my body. I tried to scream, but the tornado filling up my body silenced my voice. I had no control but to let it push me around, inward or sideways. I could do nothing.

After what felt like an eternity of suffering, the invasive tornado died down, and my body was gently lowered to the ground of moist dead leaves. The slight jolt of cold from the jungle dew woke my senses inch by inch, until I could push my upper body off the ground. I could slowly move my body on my own command again.

Well, all except my head, with Ms Vidae’s voice now speaking to me from within.

“Let’s keep this our little secret, shall we?”

I pulled at my legs. My left leg came loose and I was no longer hampered.

Only dry bones remained at where Ms Vidae once laid.

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