Wouldn’t you like to know how I ended up in the roots?

First I was swallowed whole by the beast of my nightmares.

I lived in the belly of this beast for a long time, where junk that the beast ate gradually filled the belly chamber more and more, until my face was forced against the belly wall.

Then the beast pooped me out. It took a wee sniff, then buried me along with whatever else it ate under lots of dirt.

It turned out one of the things he ate was a seed. It grew very quickly under the nourishment of the poop and piss from the beast.

Before I could dig my way out for an escape, the roots had coiled around my limbs, and I was trapped here ever since.

A most peculiar kind of prisoner that I am.

Good luck trying to free me without chopping my limbs off. Or you know, you don’t have to be bothered and you could totally just move on.

It’s not like I’m still not used to it after so long.

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