18/1/2021 2-minute read

This was going to be a TTRPG based on Castle Cainhurst from Bloodborne. I might finish this some day… one day.

One of many mysteries in Yharnam, not directly related to blood administration, was the presence of these unfathomable horse carts.

They rode around the city, occasionally stopping for passengers, yet they only accept those with a certain special invitation. They appeared to only go to one destination, and nowhere else. No one knew how to be invited for the ride, and no one knew where it would take you. The rider would not speak, nor communicate in any meaningful body language. He merely hid his face in his hood, looming with a dreadful silence over his calm, yet sturdy horses. They did not appear to sleep, or ever went off duty. It was speculated that they slept upright during their stopovers, though no one dared to test this rumour.

No one dared to test any theories surrounding this mysterious ride. Until one day, a letter of invitation appeared out of nowhere under your pillow.

A summon to Castle Cainhurst, addressed directly to you, lacking any hint of the origin.

Even if you squint real hard, you would not find any sign of forced entry by uninvited guests into your room. The letter was stained with splatters of blood, yet did not stain your bed, or anything in your room. Though if you insist on searching, you might notice a cute little top hat randomly resting on your floor board, just a little too small for a full grown gentleman. Or if your day was going really bizarre, the top hat might instead be a bronze pot that could fit on top of one’s head.